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Cristian Bailey, Business Development Consultant; Owner – Lyndae Interior
David Shands, Owner – Sleep Is 4 Suckers Brand
Halani Lobdell, Battalion Chief –  Dekalb County Fire Department
Jason Lobdell, Co-Owner – The Loft Athletic Club & RI28
Prince Wilson, COO – The Loft Athletic Club
Sharmayne Knighten, Customer Experience Director -. RI28
Thomas Johnson, Founder – The Life Group
Wes Holland, General Manager – The Refinery Training Club
Iman Murphy, Social Media Manager – Gee Bryant, Inc
Alex Burton, Owner – Good Energy Worldwide

Dr. Carlton Calhoun, Novae CMTO & Digital Consultant to Entrepreneurs

Kenney Conwell, CEO –

Sonia Lewis, CEO – The Student Loan Doctor

George Acheampong, COO –

Kenisha Robnett, Executive Vice President – Commercial, CCIM, MRED RE_MAX Platinum Access
Melinda Williams – Vegan Chef, Certified Health Coach, Registered Nurse
Allison Fink – Owner of Relief Therapy

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