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From the desk of Gee. 

Fitness Expert | Success Coach | Entrepreneur

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Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business; an aspiring business owner who needs a little motivation or coaching before jumping into entrepreneurial waters; someone who is looking to get in the best shape of your life; or you are looking to book me to speak at your business, school, event, or organization; I am your guy. Many people know me as a fitness expert and the brain behind the #1 online fitness program, Results in 28 Days. However, here are a few things that I'd like to share with you. I am a humble, caring, and intelligent individual, but most of all, I am results oriented in all that I do. Therefore, if you are looking to find someone who has the ability motivate a crowd of people, please, look no further. I have spoken to numerous audiences, and I am not bashful to say, I often left the building in awe. If you need me to speak to the youth, teenagers or adults, rest assured, I can speak on multiple subjects, namely Entrepreneurship, Faith, Business, and Fitness, just to name a few.

As someone who grew up in Philadelphia, like many others, I was not dealt the best hand in life; but, before you rush to the phone to tell me to set up your “coming on board meeting”, let me first share a couple of things I believe you should know about me, as a person. Firstly, I am a guy who completely turned his life around – from drinking and partying, 24/7, with no direction, I went through numerous trials and tribulations, and many people thought I would never recover from the life I had been living. As someone who can relate to everyone who’s trying to make it in life, whether it is with fitness, finances, or starting a business. My life experiences have taught me how to encourage, inspire and motivate anyone who has ever been through or is currently going through a rough spot in life.

Secondly, back in 2015 when I relocated to Atlanta, I had nothing but my car, my clothes, a few dollars in my pocket and a big vision to change the world. The prospect of succeeding was slim to none; but the relocation to Atlanta was necessary due to circumstances in my hometown. I had given up my party-boy lifestyle and had set my sights on making something of myself; but soon after my relocation, I found myself down and almost all the way out again. Hitting rock bottom seemed to be my destiny, but I was not going to settle for that and I refused to give up. I love helping people. I know I was put on this earth to help others heal themselves through health and fitness. Today, I am a NESTA certified and NASM educated personal trainer, who owns and runs his gym, though which I have helped thousands of people go through life changing transformations, both mentally and physically. I also know that I’m here to help others succeed with their own business ventures, as well as motivating and inspiring those who may need help with everything life throws at us.

I am family man and will do anything for my family; a lesson that I learned from my mother. My mother has always been my biggest supporter; and even when I didn’t know where I was going in life, she was there for me. I know I have been put on this earth to help others through the multiple outlets I have created. My experiences growing up in Philadelphia, and being involved in some of the things I used to do, I am blessed to be here and very thankful to be able to share my gifts to help others. Moreover, to every person who has made an impact on my life or has trusted in me that I could make an impact in theirs, I am indeed grateful.

Bottom line,

The lemon that I was handed, I had the good sense to turn it into lemonade. It wasn't an easy journey, or an easy process; but I believe it was well worth it. As someone who never really held a "real job"; I hustled and tried numerous business ventures before reaching the success I have today. Today, I have graduated from being just a personal trainer to owning and operating multiple businesses. While “RI28”, which stands for Resultsin28days.com, is my flagship company; I own “Phlexx Fitness”, a workout and training facility in Atlanta, GA. I am also the CMO for  “Fitness Plane”, an organization that has paired top fitness analyses with modern technologies to design effective platforms for trainers to coach and interact with clients with ease and confidence. I also have ownership in several other business ventures. As a result of my life and success, I believe that I can help anyone from the person who doesn’t know where to start in fitness or entrepreneurship, all the way to the person who’s trying to grow and scale their business succeed.

Now, if you want to achieve your God-given dream, or know someone or a group of people who are, I urge to you to reach out and get in contact with me. If you’re looking to get started with your fitness journey I would recommend you get a copy of my recently released eBook, “Six Secrets to Fat loss”. It will prepare you with the mental knowledge you need to enroll in my Online workout program - “RI28” – at www.Resultsin28days.com


Much Love,

Gee Bryant